Mo’lypmics, Mo’lympics, Mo’lympics

Tao to one-up the Olympics. The Olympics!

Who needs skeleton, hockey and bobsled when you can have dancing, cocktails and shots?!

Vancouver may have the Olympics, but Vegas has the Tao Olympics and, snow or no, we think that will make for a far better party. Who needs skeleton, hockey and bobsled when you can have dancing, cocktails and shots?!

This Thursday join Weekly nightlife writer Jack Colton as he presents the first annual Tao-Olympics, sure to be a true demonstration of skill (drinking), determination (to be drunk), and discipline ("Just one more, then I'm out!").

For the last week, Vegas's nightlife Olympians have been competing online in the following categories:

All-American Male — The Michael Phelps Award

All-American Female — The Mary Lou Retton Award

The Nightlife Comeback — The Nancy Kerrigan Award

The Perfect 10 — The Nadia Comaneci Award

Favorite Adult Venue — Team USA Award

Most Dynamic Team — The Jamaican Bobsled Team Award

Most Charming Restaurant Personality — The Lodge Award

Reigning Local DJs — The Shaun White Award

Outstanding Retail — The Olympic Village Award

First-class Spa/Salon — The Dorothy Hamill Award

The winners will be announced Thursday at Tao. Cast your vote here.

The Road to the Tao-Olympics: Q&A time with Colton

In anticipation of the event, the Weekly spoke with Tao-Olympics Master of Ceremonies (and our own Team Hangover member) Jack Colton:

The Tao Olympics, where athleticism and national pride meets nightlife. What gave you the idea?

The concept for Tao Olympics came from a collaboration with the nightclub's marketing team as they wanted to do an event relevant to the celebration of the Vancouver winter games and my specialty of events is to celebrate members of the local industry for their accomplishments.

Of the 10, which is your favorite category?

My favorite category is the "Perfect 10," which honors the woman with the best overall physique. Olympic athletes are normally beautiful people to begin with, so celebrating their vanity seems like such a natural fit for Vegas!

If you were a betting man who would you say was the shoe-in to win that one?

This would be a tough category to hedge any bets as so many of the girls honored are repeat veteran nightlife contest winners. I'll play it safe by saying that one of them will certainly take home the medal!

Who needs medals when you can win ... what are you giving the winners exactly?

The talented athletes competing in the real Olympics may receive the pride of their nations along with world adoration, but our party will likely be more fun for our Olympians and we certainly have a number of tricks up our sleeve for the winners.

Um, weren't you supposed to be in Vancouver right now at the real Olympics?

Yes. I booked the plane ticket months ago. Plan was to go to all of the parties and Canadian VIP events (even though I never know who the hell any of their celebs are...) and then to try and go to at least a game or two.

Vancouver's loss is our gain!


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