How to look like a Wet Republic model cocktail server

From L to R: Gigi Mukherjee, Brittany Tirabassi, Angela Daniel, Jessie Moore, Shakeera Onstead

Pool season. Two words that freak out body-conscious pool-party attendees. Vegas in general doesn’t help, either, with its fair share of pretty people. If you’re worried your bathing-suit physique still isn’t ready to go sans shirt/shorts poolside, take a few tips from Wet Republic’s model cocktail servers. Yes, they’re also models, which explains why they’re so hot.


Gigi Mukherjee: I usually do about 45 minutes of cardio three times a week in the morning, and I’ll do hot yoga three times a week at night. … I focus strictly on long-term burning calories.

Brittany Tirabassi: I usually do something that involves sports conditioning and muscle conditioning, so I like to do a lot of boot-camp classes where you keep your cardio up. I like to do circuit training, because I get bored really easily if it’s something really repetitive. I also do a kickboxing class. I’m actually going into personal training and I want to open a fitness studio, so for me it’s a constant thing year round. I work out so that I don’t have to prepare for pool season.

Angela Daniel: I do CrossFit Las Vegas. I go there three times a week. It’s a high-intensity workout, lots of Olympic lifting and gymnastics and stuff like that. I have a six-month old puppy, so I take her for runs every morning I work so she’s not all wired when I’m gone.

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Jessie Moore: I work out twice a week with a Pilates instructor... a friend of mine at her house. She does it privately, which is the best because it works with my schedule. I go to classes at the gym like kickboxing, core cardio classes, three times a week.

Shakeera Onstead: In the off-season, obviously I go to the gym a lot more just because working here in the sun and sweating and walking up and down all day, you get a pretty decent workout. I actually work in [X Burlesque] at the Flamingo, so on top of that I’m dancing at night. What I try and do on my days off is go to the gym pretty regularly for about an hour and a half. If I do a machine, it’s the elliptical, and then I go do abs for a bit. And I stretch a lot.


Mukherjee: I’ll have a protein shake and a banana before I come in. They’ll usually take really good care of us. They’ll give us breakfast, and they’ll provide little snacks for us during the day, like turkey and pieces of low-fat cheese. Then I’ll get a salad during the day and maybe an apple and a shake at night before I go home.

Tirabassi: I’m a vegetarian, so I try and eat a little bit of chicken to get enough protein and iron, especially out at the pool it’s really important. But in general I bring a peanut-butter sandwich on whole wheat to work.

Daniel: I definitely try to eat healthy. I do lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of lean proteins. I stay away from grains, so I let myself eat the fun ice cream, sugar and stuff like that if I’m craving it.

Moore: I’m pescatarian, so I don’t eat meat; I just eat fish. So I have to be really careful with my diet because I have to make sure I get proper protein, not eating any kind of meat.

Onstead: Obviously, we have to watch what we eat. We can’t be eating junk food every day, but every once in a while I definitely hit a fast-food place.

Staying safe in the desert sun

Mukherjee: It’s really difficult for me because my skin is dark naturally, so I have to reapply at least 70 [SPF] sunscreen at least once an hour. So I’m reapplying that, and I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Staying hydrated helps a lot, and I have to make sure to eat, otherwise the sun will really affect me.

Tirabassi: I just got back from Cabo, and I’m all burnt right now, but in general I wear SPF 100 out here and I wear a lot of SPF on my face. My makeup has SPF in it. I’m super paranoid about the sun.

Daniel: We have buckets upon buckets of sunscreen everywhere in the back of the venue. All of our little secret cubbyhole hiding spots that we can we hide sunscreen because the sun out here is really, really intense.

Moore: I put on [SPF] 70 everyday.

Onstead: I naturally have kind of dark skin, so I tan pretty quickly out there and wear 70-proof everyday. But I’ve been trying to even out my tan lines in a tanning bed.

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