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A dancer takes the stage at Badda Bing just as the club opens it’s doors for the evening on March 12.
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Forget drive-thru weddings with Fat Elvis as officiate. If you’re going to get hitched in Vegas, why not go for something even more over the top... something surrounded by girls without tops.

The Badda Bing gentlemen’s club is planning on taking temporary fantasies and turning them into permanent realities with their on-site Chapel of Lust thanks to a partnership with the Monti Rock III. And that’s not the only thing in the works for the gentleman’s club.

“Monti Rock, he came up with this idea, The Chapel of Lust,” says Badda Bing owner Rick Belcastro. “I remember, I was a doorman and people used to come outside all the time just for giggles and be like, ‘Where can we get married at?’ So now they can get married at the Badda Bing, get divorced at the Badda Bing,” laughs Belcastro.

Badda Bing owner Rick Belcastro

Badda Bing owner Rick Belcastro

Dancers at Badda Bing

Dancers at Badda Bing

But that’s not all that’s been going on at the Five Diamond Award-winning Badda Bing. Besides Tiger Woods supposedly meeting his stripper mistress (one of them, at least), Jamie Jungers, at the club, the attention sparked a new reality show about Badda Bing for truTV (home of the infamous Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock show), which starts filming in June and is set to air in the fall, says Belcastro.

Belcastro, a former casino doorman for 19 years, had no prior experience working in a gentlemen’s club, nor had any of his staff. “I just went to the clubs and I got sick of seeing the way people were getting treated. It made me sick,” he says. “This whole thing is just making the customers feel they’re comfortable when they come into a gentleman’s club. You don’t have some monkey looking at them trying to hustle them, shaking them down.”

Badda Bing isn’t the first Vegas strip club to hit the small screen. The Palomino not only had an adult game show, Show us your Wits, but also a reality show, King of Clubs, both on Playboy TV. However, as the self-proclaimed “youngest club owner in town,” Belcastro (39 years old) says Badda Bing’s television show will focus on how he kept a $40 million club afloat in a recession since taking over two years ago. Outside of the club’s walls, the show will follow Belcastro as he checks up on the daylife and nightlife of Vegas with the Badda Bing Girls in tow. And there will be behind-the-scenes peeks into the lives of the dancers, some of whom are first-time strippers.

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“In this economy, we’re getting a lot of brand-new ladies that have never danced before, and that’s what I love, because then you can teach them our way and then they can look at themselves in the mirror the next day and they don’t feel like they did something wrong,” Belcastro says. “If they come from another club, it’s just too much work. You look at their sheriff’s card and it’s like, ‘I can already see this one’s going to be drama.’” Belcastro believes another advantage to having new dancers is they’re less likely to hustle the customers. “Where an entertainer that’s been dancing eight to 12 years, they know every hustle in the book. They know how to get them into VIP like that. The new ladies will sit there and actually talk and carry on a conversation. Then the guy wants to stay even longer at the club.”

All these elements will likely feature on the reality show. If you’re more interested in the naughtier, not-suitable-for-cable-television action at Badda Bing and can’t make it to the club, there’s yet another option for getting inside the strip club. Pay-per-view On Demand specials about the Badda Bing will bring the whole experience to curious living rooms starting April and will feature the girls of Vivid doing, well, what they do best while on location at Belcastro’s club.

“We accept everybody, as long as they treat the club with respect. In this economy, everybody’s a million dollars,” says Belcastro.

As for other upcoming events, the club fires up a mechanical bull Mondays, offers couples night on Tuesdays and will team up with Tapout clothing for MMA viewing parties beginning in April.

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