You gotta get up (to Ghostbar) to get Down

Down lesbian night joins the lineup at Ghostbar

Fight. For your right. To paaaaaarty!
Shane O'Neal/N9NE Group

"R U Down? You might think you are... but are you? Really? Ready to take a risk? Get down with girls that know they're down... Get down with girls that aren't sure if they're down... Get down with the naughty, the curious, the boyfriend-ed... the ex boyfriended..."

Down debut at Ghostbar, Thursday March 25

My guess is that Facebook invite was one promoter's way of making last Thursday's first Down lesbian party more attractive to non-lesbian females, to pad the numbers with the curious, the not the least bit curious, their coworkers — anyone female. But really, there was no need, because the turnout for Rachel Wenman and Lisa Pittman's Down was just fine without the cajoling, the Vegas (and LA!) lesbian community coming out in full force to support the new monthly party at Ghostbar. And they brought plenty of women with them: gay, straight, bi-sexual and those who couldn't care less — they just wanted to dance!

By midnight, any errant heterosexual men got the picture that their services were not needed; there would be no porn fantasies fulfilled that night. At least not for them. This was to be the very definition of ladies night.

LA's Rough Duchess did the honors of ringing in the new party along with DJs Lisa DeLuxe and Audiomoe. The duo of blond Brit Sam Vitez and dance-floor wildman Noah Ramsey-Smith were happy to make the journey to Vegas, no matter that it was just for a 12-minute show. "They're about to get their minds blown," said Ramsey-Smith before Vitez stripped down and took the stage in a tux jacket, electrical tape, and day-glow heels.

Towards the end of the performance, a short woman touched my arm. "Are you gay?" she asked, "I'm just curious." Yeah, I laughed, me too.

Down returns to Ghostbar on April 29 with a Gay Pride kick-off and live performance by God-des & She.


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