The Glaude-iator: Donald serves up musical gumbo for Glamorous

Gimme those Cheetos: Donald Glaude spins at the Palms for Glamorous on Sunday.

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Donald Glaude (9/1/10)

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Glamorous at The Palms
September 3-5, various times and prices

If Mick Fleetwood had a brother from another mother who stepped into a DJ booth, he might be Donald Glaude. Completely different generations, unrelated styles of music, same crazy facial expressions. DJ/producer Glaude often steps out from behind the booth to connect with the crowd, dreads flying as he headbangs to house music.

You’re going to be playing the Palms September 5 for Glamorous, fresh off of four sets at Burning Man, plus a gig in San Francisco. Do you worry you’ll get burned out?

Actually, I take off a day early, so my last day at Burning Man is Friday. … I think it brings a definite energy with me, so you guys better watch it!

You’re so animated when you’re in the DJ booth. Besides the vibe from the crowd, what drives you to get so into it?

I can’t help the facial expressions. When I was playing upright bass in the symphony when I was young … I always made stupid-looking faces. It’s kind of involuntary. It’s just the music motivates me.

You’ve been working on some dubstep recently. What direction do you feel your music is taking either in the studio or live?

My roots and no roots, if that makes any sense. My roots are just playing what I feel is good and remembering that. My goal is to make people leave with a smile on their face when I leave. But also what is just as important to me is showing people new music and being able to mix up the gumbo, so to speak, of different genres and different types—just throwing whatever I can into the pot and making it happen. It might not always work, it might be a little salty once in a while or whatever, but I gotta at least try.

In contrast to the freedom at Burning Man, do you feel the Vegas scene has become a bit formulaic for DJs?

Of course you want to make the dance floor happy and you have to adapt and accommodate a little bit, but still hold your integrity. That’s where, at least for myself, I try to go.

Why have people been bringing Cheetos to your Vegas gigs?

Oh my God. That’s a long story and it was such a terrible, bad drunken evening in Vegas after we were done playing and in my hotel room that I can’t mention (laughing). But we all love Cheetos.

In what way do you love Cheetos?

(Laughing) In any way I can take ’em!

Donald Glaude chats about the America's Best DJ competition, his days at Ice and more in the free Nocturnal Admissions podcast downloadable here.

Music featured in this podcast: "Big (Original Mix)" by Donald Glaude and "Breat it Off (Original Mix)" By Cowboy Mike featuring Donald Glaude, both available on iTunes.

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