Mark your calendars: Tiesto’s Vegas residency at The Hard Rock Hotel

Tiesto’s residency location is around here somewhere…

Okay, so we’re not exactly sure where superstar DJ/producer Tiesto will be taking up his 2011 Vegas residency, but that ad in our magazine this week sure got some attention. We’ve been bugging just about every Tiësto-related PR person we know around the world to get you the details. So far, over analyzing the intonation in their voices has yielded only a few hints.

Here’s what we know: The teaser advertisement announcing Tiësto’s 2011 Vegas residency looked an awful lot like other Hard Rock Hotel and Casino promo designs, so that’s guess number one. Fans are also thinking that perhaps Haze or another Light Group venue might be his new home, since he’s spun at many parties for them in the past. And, there’s hope from clubbers Tijs might make Rain the residency location, thanks to the way N9NE Group has embraced the dance music community on a massive scale. There's also a few suppositions that the new club at the Cosmopolitan opening around New Year's might be up to something. Then again, Angel Management Group already runs Godskitchen at HRH’s Vanity and their events are a fave among electronic music fans, so perhaps they have something to do with bringing Tiësto to Vegas.

Our guess: That AMG and HRH might be in cahoots, especially after some super-sleuthing from Weekly reader Aj Gavilanes discovered the website “Has a binary trail that appears to lead back to AMG.” (We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we’ll take her word for it.) However, AMG already manages Tiësto’s website and ticketing even when he’s playing somewhere else, so maybe that means nothing at all. SOMEONE TELLS US ALREADY!!!

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