Life lessons from a bikini contest judge

Going skimpy will only get you so far

Winner Jackie Savitt (center)
Photo: Tom Donaghue

When offered the opportunity to judge the finale of a 15-week bikini competition at Planet Hollywood's Pleasure Pool, it seemed foolish not to accept. While I don't frequent day clubs, I am highly experienced as a picky, judgmental female. Plus, sitting poolside under umbrellas alongside a few Chippendales dancers (also judging) with parading strangers vying for my approval seemed like a good way to end the summer. Who doesn't enjoy beautiful bodies and a power trip? Plus, I thought, maybe I'd learn something.

Pleasure Pool Bikini Contest Finals

I'm not sure if I took home any life lessons, but our judging panel sure taught the participants and partiers one — that showing the most skin only gets you so far. Finalist Samantha Harris easily impressed the crowd — the males in it, anyway — with her "bikini," consisting of keeping-it-legal red-heart pasties and some dental floss. But as judges, we were wary. The nearly nude number didn't seem waterproof, and even if it was, it definitely was impractical. So, we gave the win, and the $5,000 prize, to Jackie Savitt, a bubbly brunette who wore an actual bikini to the bikini competition and looked damn good in it, too.

Now, will anyone else heed our lesson? I'm not sure. Hard to think over the booing.


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