To appreciate Party Rock Monday, you’ll need to dress the part

DJ Redfoo at the launch of his Party Rock Monday at Marquee
Photo: Mikey McNulty

If you want to know what went down at Party Rock Monday, just listen to the first few verses of LMFAO’s “I Don’t Wanna Be”: “When I walk in the club, the people show me love ... I get looks from the ladies, daps from the dudes.” Yep, all of that definitely happened. And DJ Redfoo (of LMFAO) was dressed like it was the ’80s, though I couldn’t see if he had checkered shoes.

The DJ’s Party Rock concept delivered exactly what the name implies: a rockin’ party. Marquee’s main room was packed to the brim with no-lens-glasses-wearing, Red Bull-vodka-drinking party people. The club’s tables were decked out with inflatable zebras and guitars, foam horns and glowsticks galore. After Party Rock-approved DJ Air spun a superior opening set, Redfoo took to the tables with mega-hit “I’m in Miami, Bitch,” supplying the vocals himself. Soon the Party Rock Crew hopped on the go-go boxes to hype up the crowd, offering vodka shots to those in reach. Party Rock-themed go-gos and trippy, hallucinogenic visuals completed the event—an experience DJ Redfoo describes as “a way of celebrating life.”

So how exactly does one prepare to celebrate life Party Rock-style? Here are a few vital items you’ll want to invest in if you plan to roll with Redfoo and crew:

1. Eyewear with no lenses, preferably bedazzled, patterned or striped.

2. Some type of brilliantly colored pants; purple denim works just fine.

3. Very large jewelry—think “bling.”

4. Pleather. ’nuff said.

Think ’80s. I found the four essentials at Buffalo Exchange, Hot Topic, Ross and Savers.

So why should you add to your closet and opt for the all-out Party Rock experience? DJ Redfoo explains: “You can dress party animal and ... kind of let your freak out. You’re going to feel comfortable dancing and getting crazy.”


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