Tales from the SINdustry: DJK

DJK (Katherine Leigh) runs the Saturday Night Karaoke at Texas Station.
Photo: Steve Marcus

DJK (Katherine Leigh) runs Texas Station’s Saturday Night Karaoke, and every week or so, she takes on a freelance gig. Two weeks ago, she co-DJed a karaoke competition at CityCenter’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

“This was a corporate function for financial investors,” DJK says, “and these investors take their karaoke very, very seriously. Basically, they plan for it all year.”

The investors flew in from England, India, Korea, China, Japan and Australia. And by the time they got here, they had costumes, props and choreography prepared.

“The Australians did Lady Gaga. Amazing choreography. And everyone dressed up in a different Gaga look—the mirror mask, the pleather—including the guys. But the Korean team won. They did this musical martial arts demonstration. They were actually breaking boards. I can’t even imagine what they’re going to come up with for next year.”


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