Five and a half questions with Dirty Dutch master Chuckie

Chuckie spins at Marquee Dayclub and Tao this weekend.
Sam Glaser

What’s the formula for your Dirty Dutch sound?

Dutch house DJs read the crowd and keep our sets real diverse—electro to house to progressive to trance. I warm up with some tech-house, then throw in a little more vocals, then get to the harder house and electro and maybe end with some techno and urban stuff.

Talk about the Moombahton genre that you inadvertently hatched.

One thing I really like about electric music, kids just experiment with different genres, create their own sound and give it whatever name. Moombahton is like reggaeton on acid—or just slowed down Dutch house music. It’s funny because the name came from kids slowing down my track “Moomba,” a name I came up with at the beach club Moomba in Aruba. It could have been called whateverton!

The Details

May 19, 10 a.m., $30 men, $20 women, Marquee Dayclub, 333-9000. May 19, 10 p.m., $30 men, $20 women, Tao, 388-8588.

How do you compare electronic music to hip-hop within the DJ culture?

Hip-hop embraces a lot of different genres—Southern rap, Latin hip-hop, all sorts, even disco. I really like the attitude of it. House kind of did the same thing. Now, dubstep is more the tempo of hip-hop, but the sound itself is like a rock-metal feel. A Skrillex show is like a mosh pit! We grew up with hip-hop, R&B, Latin stuff, some disco and funk. This generation of kids is growing up with electronic music. Imagine how the future will look!

What are your predictions?

Electronic music is going to dominate the Billboards even more—top 20 all dance. Kids are going to dig deeper and find stuff they really like. Guys who listen to David Guetta now will listen to deep house or maybe techno in a couple years. It will be less about the mainstream; the underground side is gonna get stronger and stronger, like we have in Europe.

You’re a high-tech dude. What’s the future of live DJing?

More sophistication and live remixing. DJs are gonna play different tracks of just one song to manipulate every single sound. Also, eventually we won’t carry a laptop. There will be a device where you log into your own service and have your own environment. You’ll come to the club, step into the booth, click on the screen, choose your format and boop, boop, boop, log into the server and access your own music database.

You should be part of that development.

(Laughs) Definitely! Maybe I already am. You never know!


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