Local Thom Svast’s rules for DJs at After go viral

Thom Svast

A genuine but intentionally glib set of rules for a new local afterhours event is being bounced around by Internet users all over the world—especially by the type of DJs who would most appreciate it.

Longtime afterhours promoter and producer/DJ Thom Svast kickstarted his weekly early morning After promotion late Saturday night—one with aims to bring legit house and techno to the Strip, a nightlife market enraptured with trend-based "EDM" (see: Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Diplo) and typically reluctant to feature underground music. To make things clear for his hired talent—and, of course, to generate more social media awareness of his new baby—he posted a list of rules (see below) just two days before the party launch in two key places: After's DJ booth, and its various online social networks (and Svast's as well).

The regulations—clearly bait to both those enamored and fatigued with commercial EDM—are Svast's way of serving those seeking to experience traditional, gimmick-free dance music in a Vegas nightclub while also making a statement: We won't offer the same commercial house as the nearby megaclubs, we won't pander for mainstream dollars, and we won't feature DJs who manipulate technology to mask their professional shortcomings.

Once Svast took the requirements to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the comments and shares by followers began to fly. Then, dance culture blogs like White Raver Rafting, Exqlusiv Amsterdam, In the Mix and EDM Tunes reported on them. The reports were followed by a Reddit page devoted to the topic and shared posts by revered house-leaning DJs such as Max Graham, Sebastien Leger, Nick Warren, Sasha and Riva Starr (whose own "Hand in Hand" was played by headliner Steve Prior).

Svast admits the rules were "viral by design," as booked After DJs (which include local residents Black Boots and Spacebyrdz) wouldn't need those guidelines to begin with. Still, he never expected they would elicit such a huge response. "It's absolutely gone insane," he says. "I've seen posts from no less than 20 of the world's top DJs reposting, and huge blogs supporting. [It's] very humbling."

After Late Saturday night, 3:30 am., TW Theater, 3765 Las Vegas Blvd. South, $20 men, women and Nevada residents with I.D. free,

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