Ten eye-catchers from the Nightclub & Bar Convention expo hall

Mimi Icy Beer Foam covers a beer during the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center Wednesday March 26, 2014. The icy foam keeps the beer cold longer.
Photo: Steve Marcus

One of the highlights of the Nightclub & Bar Convention, which was held March 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is the exhibit hall, loaded with vape this, energy drink that and social networking apps for days—all sorts of bar/club gimmicks by zealous entrepreneurs trying to break into the lucrative nightlife industry. Here are 10 emerging products for which revelers should be on the lookout.

1. Shtox Rotating Glass, by Shtox Done playing with your phone? Now you can play with your Negroni. This cocktail glass spins for about 20 seconds thanks to its hand-ground concave bottom. According to manufacturer Shtox, Rose.Rabbit.Lie already serves their signature libations in them.

2. Fantasia Electronic Bowl, by Fantasia Hookah Flavors It was only a matter of time before e-hookahs descended upon the shisha-fatigued and pre-barhop student demos, who will delight in these less-messy, tobacco- and charcoal-free pipes and their accompanying flavored e-liquids.

2014 Nightclub & Bar Convention Products

3. Mimi Icy Beer Foam, by Mimi Oh great, more foam in my beer. But these suds from the spigot—made from beer itself—actually help preserve the carbonation of your brew for an additional 30 minutes, Screw the local bar, let’s get this frothy formula over to Cashman Field, stat!

4. Penumbra Beer Pong Tables, by Penumbra Tables Ever wanted a machine that dries your balls? These hi-tech tables not only come with LED lights that illuminate your cups and WiFi that enable payment and scorekeeping, they also hoist and dry your wet orb through a vertical air stream—which is not to be confused with the pong tactic known as a blow job. And speaking of…

5. Suck and Blow, by SAB Enterprises Naturally, these new adult beverage delivery mechanisms were a hit with conventioneers. You’re exhaling at one end of the shot tube. They’re inhaling until the spiked jello blasts right into their mouths. Now swallow!

6. Vulcan Ale and Klingon Warnog, by Federation of Beer Yes, they’re Star Trek-themed craft beers, from a town in Alberta, Canada actually called Vulcan. And its hometown ale—which is a variation of an Irish Ale, brewed by New Jersey-based Harvest Moon—ain’t half bad. It’s also useful in catching the tears of local trekkies still bemoaning the closure of Star Trek: The Experience.

7. Sweeet Seats Toilet Covers, by Designer Sweeet Seats When translucent toilet tissue bores your butt, stylize your seat with these printed, flushable covers, which include cheetah and lipstick themes for ladies and camouflage for men. Your local corporate bar not fun enough to stock them? Five-pack purse boxes to the rescue!

8. Vapshot Vaporized Spirits, by Vapshot Yup, boozers can now get in on the vape fad. It starts with alcoholic mist put into a pressurized container via a Vapshot machine. Patrons pop open the plastic bottle, initiating the vaporization process, and then suck the steam out through a straw. Bonus: The shots don’t have the glycerol or glycerine of e-cigarettes, meaning you’ll only endanger your poor liver.

9. FAIR Quinoa Vodka, by FAIR Brand Spirits For the conscious cocktailer. This vodka—already an award winner—comes from the hot, gluten-free powergrain that is also Fair Trade-certified. It’s delicious, and you can taste it for yourself at Downtown Cocktail Room, the Cosmopolitan and Mandalay Bay (among other local drinking spots).

10. Buzz Bar Ice Cream, by Buzz Bar Spiked ice cream is nothing new—see the Neapolitan’s drunken desserts over at the Cosmopolitan, or the already widely available SnoBar—but we were taken aback by the potency of the new, six-variety Buzz Bars. They don’t call them Blitzed Berry and Drunken Cookie for nothing.

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