Drum ’n’ bass is thriving (and rattling) in Las Vegas

Gridlok plays Beauty Bar’s I Heart DnB Nickel Beer Night July 21.
Deanna Rilling

I love drum ’n’ bass. I really do. It’s driving, the beats keep you on your toes and surprises abound. The local underground scene has been throwing DnB parties since the ’90s at raves, bars and even the occasional large show. One of the staples and champions of the scene is Joe “Stasis” Borusiewicz, who continues to bring top-notch talent.

“We create the Facebook page and the brand to be a collective for Vegas DnB stuff,” says Borusiewicz of “The DnB scene in Vegas has always existed, but it’s been the stepchild of the dance-music scene.”

Metrik recently headlined a show at the Bunkhouse packed with fans bouncing around, many nabbing “I Heart DnB” shirts to show support. The Downtown music spot vibrated with energy and bass, and familiar faces were everywhere, like Madame Filth, another strong supporter of bass music in Vegas.

Next up for I Heart DnB: Gridlok at the Beauty Bar on Nickel F*cking Beer Night. Just added to the show is Messinian from Planet of the Drums.

“The scene now is at a high point,” Borusiewicz says. “There’s kind of a resurgence right now. The last couple shows have been strong.” Does that mean we could see some big DnB headliners at a megaclub any time soon? “Drum ’n’ bass is always kind of its own animal. I don’t think I’ve ever [seen] a drum ’n’ bass show with bottle service. It’s not the kind of crowd that gravitates to a nightclub environment.”

I Heart DnB Nickel Beer Night With Gridlok, Zaiaku, Josh Swissman, Biz:E Mnstr, Beast Fremont. July 21, 9 p.m., $10. Beauty Bar, 702-598-3757.

  • Headlining will be Mustard, who’s having a moment with the recent release of ‘Perfect Ten,’ his highest-charting album ever.

  • Their visuals are second to none—starry light installations are central to the group’s performances.

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