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Dream Zone: ‘Pulled into a cave in the water’

I had a disturbing dream last night. I was in the mountains, and I look over and there’s this guy being pulled into a cave in the water. The cave was completely dark and scary. I remember thinking in the dream that it’s too late to save him. And the things carrying him into the cave of water weren’t human or friendly-looking at all.--Jocelyn 30, Sandy, UT

Lauri: That cave is the way your dreaming mind is giving form to the deep recesses of your psyche. It sounds like you are in a situation where your male assertive energy, represented by the guy, is slipping away from you, perhaps even being drowned by your emotions, represented by the water. What’s going on that is causing you to push down or push away your ability to “man up” and stand up for yourself? The darkness in the dream indicates you are “in the dark” right now. You must be dealing with some uncertainty.

Jocelyn replies: My life is at a crossroads and there is lots of uncertainty for sure! An ex-boyfriend that hurt me pretty bad just came back into my life.

Lauri replies: Ah! Your dream is telling you not to let your male assertive self slip away when you need it the most right now. Grow a pair and tell this ex to piss off!

Jocelyn replies: That is exactly what I needed to hear! I love it.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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