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Nayman ardently goes point by point through the film’s intended greatness.

Looking at Adam Nayman's defense of the movie 'Showgirls'

April 16th, 2014

Nayman ardently goes point by point through the film’s intended greatness.

  • Kirn's new memoir focuses on the killer, as well as his own desire to be near him.

  • Las Vegas' own Cashman Field makes a few mentions in the latest sports book.

  • When sports mascots are attacked, it ain't pretty.

  • It's a bit long, but full of great bits.

  • The cartoonist works as a designer on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

  • Chuck Twardy dives for pearls--in this case, a little-known Kurt Vonnegut piece.

  • Book critic Chuck Twardy's favorite titles of the year cover presidents and "the Deep Web."

  • The book examines the early friendship and later rivalry of presidents Roosevelt and Taft.

  • Imagine that Facebook became a universal operating system. Imagine that Facebook took over. Now you're set to read this terrifying new book.

  • Reading this is like having a beer with a buddy who knows a lot more than you do.

  • The character is Audrey Tatou's Amelie in a mask and cape!

  • What’s missing is the slew of surprising psychological, economic and cultural curveballs

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    "The only thing you can tell me to top this is I'm opening on the moon next week. It's really overwhelming."

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    MGM Resorts and Cirque du Soleil are partnering with the organizer for a mammoth, multi-stage event.

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    Lorde has the pipes to carry her performance, but the singer could use a full band.

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    Following a Letterman video that went viral, the band made their Vegas debut Wednesday night.

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    Breaking the Downtown bubble with a buzz.

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    Don't get caught in the proverbial (dust) storm!

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    The Linq boutique gave Breaking Bad's Walter White his signature head-topper.

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    Disorienting, overwhelming and so much damn fun.

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    Plus, a beer fest at Big Dog's and an al fresco wine walk. Drink up!