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“English is becoming a universal language such as humans have never known before,” Mizumura argues in The Fall of Language in the Age of English.

Book review: A Japanese novelist takes on the dominance of English

January 21st, 2015

“English is becoming a universal language such as humans have never known before,” Mizumura argues in The Fall of Language in the Age of English.

  • The creepy, dark thriller is told from the alternating perspectives of three women, all with something to hide.

  • Weekly's book critic picks his favorite reads of the year.

  • Ryan North has been thinking about King Midas for a while.

  • Molly Guptill Manning’s tale is heartening for any book lover.

  • There is simply not a better writer of short fiction alive.

  • These Vegas “residents” both have biographies on the shelves. Can you match the excerpt to the author?

  • File this Thomas Pynchon novel under "film adaptations book lovers long for."

  • Designed to capture the spirit of Southern Nevada through art and literature, Helen launched this month with a 56-page issue.

  • It's not your typical autobiography, but Harris comes off as smart and likeable, clever and self-effacing.

  • Think of Jamaica as an island of smiley, laid-back rastas slinging rum on calm beaches? A Brief History of Seven Killings will serve as a ...

  • Do we really need one more book about a lunatic chopping people up and the cops who finally stop him?

  • A mix of local and national writers will discuss their craft, telling stories and talking on issues pertaining to literature, society and writing.

  • The comic features a green-skinned Halloween witch, a black cat and an anthropomorphic owl (because he's funnier that way).

  • Told Goldberg's cleverly spun novel is set in 1998 Las Vegas.

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