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"His comic operates on something between dream logic and arcade logic.."

Jeremy Baum's 'Dorfler' makes for an engaging, if disorienting, trip

June 17th, 2015

"His comic operates on something between dream logic and arcade logic.."

  • Gruesome murder, water rights and is that really Pat Mulroy?

  • Award-winning artist Troy Little teamed up with the Thompson estate to retell the American classic.

  • The brothers apparently succeeded where favored others had failed, including a better-funded flight attempt backed by funds from the War Department.

  • The graphic novel rounds up Johnny Ryan’s unwholesome career.

  • In this apocalyptic read, beware the fair-haired.

  • There’s nothing politically correct about The Sellout, and its characters’ flawed logic draws attention to America’s greatest faults.

  • From Archie and Conan to Big Hard Sex Criminals.

  • Characters and conundrums predominate in the writer's work.

  • A complex story with a powerfully compelling central character.

  • The pieces of this puzzle don’t quite fit together.

  • Sebastian the cat, enlightened and embittered, levels his owner with a shotgun. Intrigued?

  • This is what happens when a talented writer ponders life with a unicorn.

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