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Frank Blocker's fantastic performance was both incredibly precise and completely natural.

One-man whirlwind 'Southern Gothic Novel' full of physicality and nuance

July 1st, 2015

Frank Blocker's fantastic performance was both incredibly precise and completely natural.

  • The Utah fest includes a Game of Thrones-inspired King Lear.

  • This is a journey you will almost never find in theater—which can be a very white, male, Western affair—but it’s one worth taking.

  • Opera is meant for full productions, where all the elements of performance come together for a transportive effect.

  • The Fringe Festival celebrates a DIY, risk-taking aesthetic, rewarding shows that take bold choices and give artists a chance to truly shine.

  • Students take the Smith Center stage Sunday for the Nevada High School Musical Theater Awards.

  • And Las Vegas Little Theatre’s uneven production doesn’t add more depth.

  • The Onyx’s Some Things offers hope, but not enough comedic slam dunks

  • In this play, survivors entertain themselves by recounting episodes of The Simpsons. How would you do?

  • Since time immemorial, jocks and nerds haven’t gotten along—until now.

  • Audiences will get a heaping helping of righteousness from a preacher with nothing to fear—and maybe not all of his marbles, either.

  • LVLT does justice to its classic material, Peter Shaffer's epic story of genius, jealousy and revenge.

  • Our complicated relationship with food gets funny at the Onyx.

  • You have to sign a waiver. Those under 18 will not be admitted. Stay behind the yellow line. Bring hand sanitizer.

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