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CineVegas went on hiatus following its 2009 edition.

CineVegas returns in partnership with the Las Vegas Film Festival

July 23rd, 2015

CineVegas went on hiatus following its 2009 edition.

  • Based on a novel by The Fault in Our Stars author John Green, the flick is more John Hughes than Nicholas Sparks.

  • Imagine a cheaper, lazier version of a typical Adam Sandler movie.

  • Even the boxing sequences are mostly unremarkable, a few exciting POV shots aside.

  • The movie exudes familial love and forgiveness.

  • Listless performances and a moronic plot. Surprise?

  • William DuVall and singer-guitarist Jerry Cantrell harmonize nearly as well as Cantrell and former lead singer Layne Staley did.

  • It's not your average Marvel film.

  • Dad rock: Like its protagonist, the FX comedy is mostly a sad relic straining to appear hip.

  • Written by Amy Schumer Trainwreck has its scattered pleasures

  • Ian McKellen's Sherlock Holmes doesn’t feel like a copy of any of the dozens of other actors who’ve played the character.

  • The film is as much a celebration as an elegy.

  • The little yellow pill-shaped creatures have become pop-culture staples, and the movie’s main purpose seems to be to further their ubiquity.

  • The HBO flick starring Andy Samberg exists in an odd middle ground between a feature film and an extended sketch.

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    CineVegas went on hiatus following its 2009 edition.

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