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Caravels, Mercy Music and more.

Local vinyl: These Vegas acts have been working with wax lately

April 16th, 2015

Caravels, Mercy Music and more.

  • Scan the spines, choose an album. Slide it from its sleeve, place it on the platter. Tonearm up, needle down. Side one.

  • “I love records. Everything about them: the sound, the artwork, the smell … I’ve been fascinated with how they are made since I realized that ...

  • Where to score wax in the Valley.

  • I caught some Grade A sets, but the festival lacked its former spark, that intangible feeling of yes.

  • For all the growing discontent over the dominance of DJs at Coachella, it has hardly given up on live performance.

  • What else did you expect from the two most titanic members of the Wu-Tang Clan?

  • Would you believe he covered Amerie? Because he did.

  • Soon she’s talking about strapping Domino’s pizza boxes to her arms and flying over the Strip’s faux Eiffel Tower.

  • Breakfast at Rick's, sets from Jenny Lewis, Swans and more and feeling the afterglow after the annual SoCal fest comes to a close.

  • Having Christine McVie back after a 16-year hiatus seems to have reinvigorated the group.

  • The electro-pop duo can't sustain the hype playing the same set forever.

  • Among Coachella's shining moments are those that wear thin, like insufferable selfie-takers and certain musicians favoring the schtick over the songs.

  • Jungle's dance party, an intense and memorable set from Run the Jewels and more.

  • Tech upgrades, a memorable headlining set from AC/DC and more.

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    Having Christine McVie back after a 16-year hiatus seems to have reinvigorated the group.

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