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Conor Oberst & Co. have been storing up plenty of anger.

Album review: Desaparecidos' 'Payola'

June 24th, 2015

Conor Oberst & Co. have been storing up plenty of anger.

  • Opening act Braids was so good, the synth-pop duo is lackluster by comparison.

  • Talking the new album, how Vegas is like "New Orleans on steroids" and a job offer from the Blue Man Group.

  • Reviewing Major Lazer, Galantis and Giorgio Moroder.

  • Aubergine Electric sounds like Nike Drake lived to discover synthesizes

  • Corner Stone, Left Standing, Happy Campers and others play Fremont Country Club.

  • Kicking back, smoking blunts and making spacey beats is the outfit's forte.

  • Plus new albums due out by GoldBoot and Coastwest Unrest

  • She still wails like a jilted banshee left stranded on the moors.

  • The album is aggressive, cohesive and surprisingly meaningful.

  • "You don’t play the same songs at a funeral procession that you would play at a Mardi Gras parade."

  • The first domino in the Fremont East Entertainment District has held the line, and pushed it.

  • The Who essentially headlined the star-studded night of performances, which also featured Tony Bennett, Kiss and Natalie Cole.

  • One bad name. Four walloping guitars. A ton of emotion.

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