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Not surprisingly, the audience left satisfied.

AC/DC’s live show is a predictable good time

February 8th, 2016

Not surprisingly, the audience left satisfied.

  • Very few bands have the ability to seduce listeners as powerfully as this 12-member “little orchestra.”

  • Think classic but updated progressive house that only flirts with the serotonin spikes of trance.

  • DIIV has evolved into a group indebted to the shadowy side of ’80s college rock.

  • She's got range and isn’t afraid to use it, more or less adapting to whatever the tracks demand.

  • The singer-songwriter records pop songs she originally wrote for others as her own, which makes for a fun but generic album.

  • Slight, sterile arrangements and sleepy indie/R&B sounds? More like Blah Party.

  • Unity is the theme as Kweli re-teams with Reflection Eternal partner Hi-Tek and addresses social concerns.

  • The man behind the post-punk project talks post-apocalyptic dreams, handing over creative control and living in Berlin.

  • Ministry Bootcamp shows fans live performances come together, Bounty Hunter Brother get impromptu.

  • It’s been more than a year since Todd commanded audiences to move and sway as the frontman of college-rock cover band Red Eye Radio.

  • The indie/R&B star also released an acoustic cover of the New Wave legends' classic “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

  • Getting to know Guts, The Musket Vine, Special-K, No Tides and Good Grief.

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