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Free shows—and even cheaper drinks—have begun at the Downtown dive.

Live music returns to the Huntridge Tavern

June 28th, 2016

Free shows—and even cheaper drinks—have begun at the Downtown dive.

  • What, exactly, makes Pet Sounds so enduring and beloved? We gave the record a spin (or four) with fresh ears and investigated.

  • It’s a punk rock call-to-arms, a record that resonates—violently—as a direct product of the times: contentious, combative, ideologically unwavering.

  • Two decades after EDC's debut, there's still nothing comparable.

  • Just like on their albums, the set was peppered with brief interludes of classic breaks and pocket-sized bits of flavor.

  • Was it worth it? Absolutely, for space-eating post-rock, noisy shoegaze and bouncy cuts reminiscent of late-’70s British post-punk.

  • “Everything about Las Vegas feels like the strangest synthetic rainforest drug I’ve ever taken.”

  • Also: British comedy troupe Monty Python founders John Cleese and Eric Idle's show at the Venetian.

  • Alongside EDM heavyweights, EDC 2016 has an unofficial undercard stacked with up-and-comers and can’t-miss veterans.

  • On his new book's title: Porcelain is white and fragile and I’m white and fragile, so it sort of made sense.

  • Plus, Dear Friend Time makes a rare appearance and Rabid Young readies a new EP.

  • Drummer Darren Lackie talks new music, vinyl and touring with Explosions in the Sky.

  • Around half the songs on the album still end up in the mushy mid-tempo middle ground that has been the Chili Peppers’ standard mode for ...

  • Running down the the marathon of misanthropy at LVCS.

  • Plus: Slipknot and Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains and more.

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    With more than 130,000 attendees at 2016 EDC on Sunday, Metro Police tallied a record number of single-day felony arrests for the second consecutive day ...

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    This week, Monday By the Numbers focuses on three famous but ill-fated businesses on Fremont Street: The Girls of Glitter Gulch, Mermaids and La Bayou. ...

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    In his fighting career, Mike Tyson was known for the quick KO — ask Michael Spinks, who was “entertained” by Tyson for 91 seconds in ...

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    Maria Sisneros, 29, and Evangelina Alcantar, 30, of San Jose, Calif., have spent the last decade dating, waiting patiently for their chance to get married. ...

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    It has to be one of the largest circular grill centerpieces in America, a whopping 4,400-pound steel surface (a giant griddle ) called “The Iron.” ...

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    The opening date has been set for “Cherry Boom Boom,” the new production targeted for Tropicana Theater in the hotel of the same name. The ...

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    Strip-side and suburban spectaculars, community events and more.

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    At once explosive and short-lived, Frankie Moreno’s “Under the Influence” production at Planet Hollywood Showroom is set to end after Saturday’s performance. Moreno himself said ...

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    Monday By the Numbers opens with a nod to Palace Station, which is celebrating a significant anniversary on Friday as a trendsetter among Las Vegas ...

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    “The only reason we are here is because I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with Wyoming.”

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    Bill Foley sidestepped a commemorative street sign reading “NHL Hockey Boulevard” to talk for a time about his hockey team. ...

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    Eight years ago, almost to the day, a group of experts with a deep education of pro sports visited the Las Vegas Sun offices for ...

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    Plus, get a taste of Andiron's new sushi style ... at Honey Salt.

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    Come June 25, either Porter or Keith Thurman is going to be the new king of the division Floyd Mayweather ruled for so long.

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    Now that the Goodwich has opened inside Soho Lofts, we can all enjoy the best sandwiches in the city, and breakfast, too.

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    Many years ago, Siegfried & Roy were the focus of the animated series, “Father of the Pride.” The problem with the series was ...

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    At the after-party of the 2009 NHL Awards at Palms Pool, a fan who had succumbed to revelry leapt into the water and began swimming ...

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    A bunny rabbit drinking a Bud Light and an 8-foot mermaid walk into a bar.

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    Performer Marco Landin was injured during an altercation at this year's festival.

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    Independence Day probably doesn’t deserve to be as beloved as it is, but Resurgence is unlikely to inspire anywhere near the same devotion.