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Fine Art

“The whole basis of this exhibit is to foster the importance of conservation, of looking and being an active participant in the environment without destroying it.”

'High Noon' showcases the Mojave's vast, spectacular flora and fauna

May 13th, 2016

“The whole basis of this exhibit is to foster the importance of conservation, of looking and being an active participant in the environment without destroying it.”

  • The space will shutter its doors on May 31.

  • The longer the viewer contemplates the works, the more they offer.

  • “Seven Magic Mountains” is a poignant work of art with a message that inspires contemplation, but with the allure of a mid-20th-century roadside attraction.

  • The colorful rock totem installation is slated to open to the public May 11.

  • The works were selected by Mary Leigh Cherry of Cherry and Martin Gallery in LA.

  • The juried exhibit of erotic art received more than 300 entries from artists hailing from over 23 countries this year.

  • The life and death of a tumbleweed and all that crosses its path.

  • There's a new website for Ugo Rondinone’s “Seven Magic Mountains.”

  • Wendy Hickey's promoting of the arts on available billboard space comes to town.

  • Art that raises deeper questions of how we see in a world deluged by digital photos.

  • The 72 paintings in Eyob Mergia’s The Philosophy of Form and Color are inseparable from the artist’s biography.

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