Girls got rhythm

All-woman AC/DC cover band Hell’s Belles, and their dreadlocked guitarist Adrian Conner, rocked Wasted Space with a genderless power and energy.
Photo: Bill Hughes

Angus young should have been born female. So felt the crowd at Wasted Space Friday night, while watching Adrian Conner of all-woman AC/DC cover band Hell’s Belles writhe on the floor in her schoolgirl uniform. Once done spasming, the dreadlocked guitarist jumped up and around the stage with energy the 54-year-old Young might envy.

By the time Conner shed her tie and starched white button-up, it was obvious the mock striptease wasn’t about playing up the all-female shtick. She just rocked so damn hard she needed to cool off. When you’re tackling AC/DC’s catalog, you don’t have time to think about ovaries.


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Hell's Belles

Jamie Nova’s vocals stayed true to Bon Scott and Brian Johnson’s raspy stylings, and the rest of the band followed suit. They screeched and plowed through “Highway to Hell,” “T.N.T.” and their namesake, “Hell’s Bells,” with a genderless power and energy.

The audience saluted the effort. Actually, many in the crowd seemed to forget the women are a cover band from Seattle, and not the Australian rockers themselves. Women grabbed at them and looked seconds away from flashing themselves for a chance at getting invited to their tour bus.

Rock ’n’ roll is sexy, whether or not it has a penis.


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