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Pink rolls her tour into town, with acrobats and top-notch dancers in tow

Pretty badass: From acrobatics to tender ballads, Pink is a powerful artist.

CoverGirl: “No matter how aggressive or strong we are, we all want to feel beautiful.” Activist: “There’s a woman at breakfast with a mink purse. I guess it’s important to skin an animal alive to keep your credit cards warm … Idiot.” Mother: “I’ve just been informed by my two year old that she would like a small building, a lake, a hill and a car for Xmas. Oh, and turkey bacon.” Rock star: “Disasters all around/A world of despair/Your only concern/Will it f*ck up my hair?” Whatever hat she wears on her own neon tresses, Pink is magnetic. So is her live show, described as an “event” rather than just a concert. It rolls into town this weekend on her Truth About Love tour, touted for its aerial acrobatics, top-notch dancers, eye-blasting costumes and pop hits you can’t resist because they’re belted by such a fine singer. Pink doesn’t care if you like her or not, but there are so many reasons you should.

Pink January 31, 8 p.m., $60-$150. MGM Grand Garden Arena, 891-7777.

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