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Super compressed schedule of Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

Saturday, November 7

Along with these events there will be movie screenings, portfolio reviews and vendors, both local and national. All events take place at the Clark County Library on Flamingo.

•The Goshdarn Batman. Panel Mark Evanier moderates as Matt Wagner, Steve Englehart and Michael Uslan discuss the evolution of Batman. (11 a.m., Large Conference Room)

• Last Indy Standing. Laurenn McCubbin moderates as publishers Chris Staros, Gary Groth and Dan Vado duke it out. (11 a.m., Jewel Box Theater)


Signing Sessions
12:15 p.m. Matt Wagner
1:30 p.m. Steve Englehart
2 p.m. Deryl Skelton
2:30 p.m. Cecil Castellucci & Kim Deitch
3:15 p.m. Mark Evanier

• We Know Where the Bodies Are Buried. Writer/historian Mark Evanier, writer/artist Steve Englehart, artist Deryl Skelton and writer/producer Michael Uslan dish on the stories behind the stories at all the major publishers. (12:15 p.m., Large Conference Room)

• Selections from Adventures in Voice Acting: The Bang Zoom! Guide to Voice Acting. If you’ve considered what it would be like to have a career in voice acting, watch Adventures in Voice Acting. (12:15 p.m., Jewel Box Theater)

• Spotlight on Matt Wagner. From Green Arrow to Grendel, from Mage to Madame Xanadu, from Batman to Sandman Mystery Theatre—a Q&A with a living legend. (2 p.m., Large Conference Room)

• Hail to the King! Comics historian Mark Evanier shares his insights about industry titan Jack “King” Kirby. (2 p.m., Jewel Box Theater)

• Comics, and Books, and Movies, Oh My! Michael Uslan, Cecil Castellucci, Steve Englehart and Chris Staros talk about working across different media. (3:15 p.m., Jewel Box Theater)


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"Drunk" review

• The Drunk Panel. Inspired by underground comix such as Zap and Raw, Drunk continues the craft of comic storytelling. Writers and artists Kim Deitch, Noelle Garcia, Jarret Keene, Sean Russell and Michael Ogilvie tell bizarre, funny, violent and sincere tales about being drunk. (3:15 p.m., Large Conference Room)


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