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Nevada State Board of Health approves guidelines allowing men to work in state’s brothels. Cool! So now when a cheating husband heads out to pay for sex, he can bring his wife!

Brothel industry spokesman George Flint compares men working in brothels to Pearl Harbor. We see what he means—well, except for the Japanese, the dead soldiers and World War II. But other than that ...

Oscar Goodman says Tiger Woods coverage is “great for Las Vegas.” Yeah, up until now, no one would have suspected men come here to have illicit affairs.

Jim Gibbons calls for forum to address the state’s economic future.Attendees are expected to bring good ideas—none of that pesky tax increase, invest-in-higher-education crap.

Magician Steve Wyrick closes show. Magician Steve Wyrick closes show. Sorry Steve, but between Jim Gibbons and John Ensign, we’ve got enough illusionists already.

Zowie Bowie’s Chris Phillips, Marley Taylor split. No word yet on who gets “Zowie” and who gets “Bowie.”

North Las Vegas Police push program to make sure pedestrians use crosswalks. Because when they get hit by cars, police want to be able to find them easily.

Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight being dubbed “Pacweather.” This works much better than the ill-conceived name for the recent Vitali Klitschko/Chris Arreola fight, “Klitarreola.”


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