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Criminal investigation launched after Las Vegas firefighter comments on Facebook that she wants to shoot County Commissioner Steve Sisolak in the groin. She also drew suspicion for achieving a ridiculously high score on Lexulous.

Paris Hilton reportedly splits from Doug Reinhardt. We’re not usually big fans of the “It’s not you, it’s me” breakup line, but in this case—yeah, that actually works.

Gubernatorial candidate Michael Montandon says he supports Yucca Mountain nuclear-waste dump. He’s obviously been reading How To Lose An Election In One Easy Step.

Heidi Montag unveils surgically enhanced body in Las Vegas. Las Vegans said it was the best boob job, nose job, neck liposuction and chin reduction they’d ever seen—that day.

47-year-old Evander Holyfield knocks out 41-year-old Frans Botha in Las Vegas last weekend. Reminds us of the last time we saw two 40-somethings fight: drunk, at a wedding.

Jury selection begins in first civil trial regarding 2008 hepatitis C scare in connection with Las Vegas endoscopy clinics. All the defense has to do is find 12 jurors who have had positive experiences with health care. Good luck with that, guys.

O.J. Simpson gets chance to appeal 2007 kidnapping/armed-robbery conviction before Nevada Supreme Court. Simpson pledges that if he’s released, he will begin looking for the real robbers.


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