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Lindsay Lohan cancels nightclub hosting gig without explanation. Explanation? It’s Lindsay Lohan. Make up your own, and you’ll probably be right!

Guards at Wayne Newton’s house turn away deputies trying to serve $500,000 court judgment. So Newton’s got money woes, but he can still afford kick-ass guards.

Tickets for next round of Garth Brooks shows at Encore Las Vegas sell out within hours. Resort currently hard at work on a system that will make it impossible for Brooks to ever leave the property again.

Las Vegas, Clark County to get up to $1.3 million in federal funding to help stabilize neighborhoods dealing with foreclosures. True, that’s not a lot of money, but you’d be surprised what a few throw pillows can do.

Jersey Shore’s JWoWW celebrates birthday in Las Vegas. She was asked to make a wish, but c’mon—she parties all the time and she’s got a hit show and fake tits; what wish could top that?

Las Vegas may have to lay off 171 employees unless they take pay cuts. Or they could double down. But that almost never works.

Las Vegas maintains No. 2 summer holiday destination ranking from American Association of Travel Agents. And to the 18 people who made travel plans, thank you.

Washington to intervene in Yucca Mountain, says it wants its waste delivered there. Great. Let’s start with all those senators holding up health-care reform.


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