Celebrities: To ban or not to ban?

Illustration: Chris Morris

The adage about there being no such thing as bad press has been repeated for as long as celebrities have been living their lives under a microscope. But is it always true? With the recent high-profile barrings of Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne from the Wynn, you might wonder if we’ve reached a point where keeping your nightclub or casino drama-free and legal outweigh the perks of seeing your property’s name in the press, regardless of the context. The Wynn camp declined to comment, but Palms owner George Maloof says that reaching the “enough is enough” level with a celebrity is incredibly rare. Of the thousands of celebrities who have spent time at the Palms in its nine years of operation, he could think of only four incidents resulting in temporary banishment—two football players fighting on the casino floor, a pair of female celebrities getting intimate inside an elevator, a rock star jumping and breaking the tattoo parlor’s sign and O.J. Simpson immediately following his armed robbery and kidnapping charges after an incident at Palace Station. “Ninety-nine percent of the time celebrities are nothing but great,” says Maloof. “They behave.”


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