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In the world of illegal drugs, busts are getting bigger

Ever wonder what 208 pounds of meth looks like? Wonder no more!
Photo: Julie Jacobson | AP

Local law enforcement has been mighty busy lately, setting records for the biggest meth bust in Nevada history in July—208 pounds, equaling $5.7 million in street value—and also recording a significant cocaine seizure in August—452 pounds worth $16.4 million.

Las Vegas Metro wouldn’t offer a theory as to why Nevada is suddenly showing increases in both the flow of drugs through the Valley and the size of the busts by law enforcement, so we’ve come up with a few theories of our own:

• Criminals are just getting more brazen. We figure it’s a combination of a worsening economy and watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad.

• Law enforcement is getting really good at its job. The meth bust was the result of months of work and five search warrants. Kudos, guys!

• Law enforcement is just getting really lucky. What are the odds a routine traffic stop leads to the discovery of all that cocaine? Not a Vegas-friendly line, that’s for sure.

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