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A quick 2012 Vegas news quiz

1. Which of the following did Floyd Mayweather not do in 2012?

A. Bet almost $3 million on a college football game

B. Convince a judge he should start his jail sentence after fighting Miguel Cotto

C. Call Top Rank boxing promoter Bob Arum a “professional liar”

D. Serve his full three-month jail sentence for domestic battery

E. Get named the highest paid athlete in the world by Forbes magazine

2. About 90,000 fans were evacuated from the LV Motor Speedway on Saturday of Electric Daisy Carnival due to:

A. Too many drugs found by Metro officers

B. A riot caused by Skrillex’s haircut

C. High winds making stages unsafe

D. A NASCAR fan protest

E. Everyone realizing they’re just not that into electronic dance music.

3. Which of the following did Harry Reid not say during the presidential race?

A. That Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years

B. That Romney was a “plastic man” who changed positions constantly

C. That Sheldon Adelson is one of “17 angry old white men”who think the “country is for sale”

D. That Romney was the “most secretive” candidate since Nixon

E. None of the above

4. In 2013, Downtown Las Vegas will get a new:

A. Trampoline gymnasium

B. Bronze bust of Tony Hsieh in the middle of Fremont East

C. “Observation wheel”

D. Swagger

E. Commercial development made out of shipping containers

Answers: 1, D; 2, C; 3, D; 4, E.


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