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Newsflash: Nevada does have indecent exposure laws

You’re under arrest.
Photo: Associated Press

Are “overly saggy pants” really against the law? In one Jersey Shore town, the answer is yes. Wildwood passed a law last week banning baggy trousers that accost tourists with, as an AP story says, “rear ends hanging out in public.” It doesn’t matter that these ends are covered by skivvies; the style has been declared indecent and punishable by fines.

Despite nearly nude recreation in Las Vegas, from party pools to lingerie nights at clubs, Nevada does have indecent exposure laws. Shouse Law Group has a handy primer on its site, with what-not-to-do scenarios involving “Tom,” who has drunk sex in a casino bathroom stall, and “John,” who likes walking around his home naked. If there’s any chance someone could see them (even if no one does) they could be booked for a gross misdemeanor on the first offense, and after that they’re looking at Category D felony. According to SLG, that category includes third-degree arson and involuntary manslaughter. Better not watch Game of Thrones near a window.

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