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In brief: Cher bashes on Las Vegas, a local fire department saves two dogs and more

Age inappropriate

Las Vegas bashing is nothing new, but Cher’s recent comments on a British TV talk show take it to a whole new level. She called her Vegas audiences “very old … and sometimes they had walkers and oxygen masks,” adding, “It didn’t make me feel good.” Vegas audiences come in all shapes, sizes and ages, which you’d think Cher would appreciate. After all, she’s 67.

He said what?

This year’s foot-in-mouth award goes to … Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, who, while talking to a group of Republicans earlier this year, said he would vote for slavery if that’s what his constituents wanted. He has since apologized for the statement, explaining that his job is to carry out the wishes of the electorate, but it’s safe to say there are easier—and less offensive—ways to make a point.

Puppy love

Kudos to the North Las Vegas Fire Department for going above and beyond during a recent blaze. Firefighters discovered two unresponsive puppies, and rescue workers revived them using CPR and oxygen masks. Their actions drew lots of “awwwws,” along with the attention of PETA, which awarded the department its Compassionate Fire Department Award.

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