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Man’s best drinking buddy? Nevada could consider a bill allowing dogs inside bars


Hot Dog brought himself to the bar most nights, bored of the campsite he shared with his owner and looking to mingle with the park rangers, hotel staffers and raft guides. He was a dog with no breed anyone could guess, and manners worthy of an austere arts hall like the Smith Center, let alone a beer-smelling dive in West Glacier, Montana.

Come February, when the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature begins, a bill could be on the table to allow Hot Dog’s furry brethren to hang at local watering holes. The draft request by Sen. James Settelmeyer boils down the proposed law, enabling “a stand-alone bar to permit dogs to enter the establishment at the discretion of the establishment’s owner.”

Love dogs but can’t picture it? Hate dogs and think they have no business at happy hour? I respect that, but in my experience some bars are better with a little canine presence. The kind with dartboards and domestic buckets, where there’s room to move. My dog, Spoon, has chilled at my feet inside such places in Montana and Idaho. He’s a wingman, a conversation starter, a reason to keep it classy and to call it an early night without getting guilt-tripped. As for pooches with behavior issues, most owners are smart enough to leave them at home. Even if they don’t, I think you’re more likely to get your leg humped by a human in Las Vegas.

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