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Chef and owner Maggie Reb is doing something simple, and simply fabulous.

Direct from France, La Maison de Maggie is a jewel of a crêperie

July 27th, 2016

Chef and owner Maggie Reb is doing something simple, and simply fabulous.

  • It’s a pretty place for pretty people to nibble and sip—a perfect fit for the Cosmopolitan.

  • Mall food gets an extreme upgrade.

  • A bright, pleasant eatery with an emphasis on seafood and pasta, Bottiglia hits all the right spots.

  • This fancy new restaurant in the southwest offers flavors and quality portions to match its setting.

  • Now that the Goodwich has opened inside Soho Lofts, we can all enjoy the best sandwiches in the city, and breakfast, too.

  • The Mediterranean restaurant's new location is more convenient for most, and the food might be even better.

  • Beer food can and should be spectacular, even before too many pints. Beerhaus and PT's Brewing Company subscribe to this belief.

  • It’s no surprise that this love child of Downtown’s Le Thai and Chinatown’s District One is a complete success.

  • Our collective appetite for deep-fried, ranch dressing-dipped food existed long before Fieri got famous.

  • Niu-Gu is far from formal, but the food achieves a level of Chinese-restaurant sophistication usually found only within Strip casinos.

  • Chef Gen Mizoguchi revolutionized sushi in Las Vegas when he opened Kabuto. Now he brings us Yui, just a few blocks east.

  • Numerous lists have dubbed Peruvian food the next breakthrough ethnic cuisine.

  • Rice bowls at a Mexican restaurant? Libre gets credit for a menu that is certainly au courant.

  • Begley doesn't do spicy, but Begley does do Chengdu ... that's how you know it's good.

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    It’s a pretty place for pretty people to nibble and sip—a perfect fit for the Cosmopolitan.

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