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Rice bowls at a Mexican restaurant? Libre gets credit for a menu that is certainly au courant.

Red Rock’s new Libre extends the modern Mexican trend

April 20th, 2016

Rice bowls at a Mexican restaurant? Libre gets credit for a menu that is certainly au courant.

  • Begley doesn't do spicy, but Begley does do Chengdu ... that's how you know it's good.

  • The sophisticated dining room matches the well-executed, fairly-priced cuisine.

  • An interesting menu heavy in standards that also rewards more adventurous eaters.

  • With its lounge-style dining room and crisp, sun-soaked patio, the new Herringbone is already one of the most relaxed restaurant experiences on the Strip.

  • It’ll only take one meal here for you to realize this is a chef honing in on what he does well.

  • A farm-to-table concept that highlights local purveyors—yes, we have those—that lets the chef shine.

  • New restaurants continue to pop up Downtown, but it’ll be hard to bring something as satisfying as new British pub the Smashed Pig.

  • If you need a little drama with your steamed sea bass and crispy beef, you’ll appreciate this experience.

  • Former Red Rock Resort executive pastry chef Jaret Blinn brings his locally inspired fare to Henderson.

  • The resort best known as the Las Vegas Hilton needed a culinary makeover, and it got one.

  • Former RM Seafood chef Howard Choi is serving up every kind of sushi roll and rice bowl you’ve ever heard of—and a whole lot more.

  • Simply put, if you like food, you’ll love this lunch.

  • Alain Ducasse's remade restaurant atop Delano Las Vegas is definitely worth a visit.

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