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It's not instantly accessible, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

CD review: Spoon's 'They Want My Soul'

August 7th, 2014

It's not instantly accessible, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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    It picks up from last year’s 'Cyclops Reap' writing-wise, but in a less fuzzy, less fragmented sonic environment.

  • Music

    Petty is often at his best when he’s telling a story, but there’s not enough of that present.

  • Music

    Thanks to sturdy songwriting, this easily ranks among Lewis' best projects to date.

  • Music

    The Mozzer sounds artistically engaged on his stunning 10th solo album

  • Music

    It's kind of weird, and not in a good way.

  • Music

    It's nice to see the group continue its current direction.

  • Music

    With songs calibrated perfectly for a massive headlining set, the new disc is a big disappointment.

  • Music

    The new disc ditches the rapping (yay!) for an even slower, moodier, murkier sound.

  • Music

    Mr. Mau5' latest release is unabashedly emotive and thoroughly cerebral.

  • Music

    The punk elder delivers a solo record that's loud and bittersweet and very Bob Mould-y.

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    With loud rockers and twangy country throwbacks, the artist's fifth album showcases her entire range.

  • Music

    They're not just a great hip-hop band. They're a great band, period.

  • Music

    The album feels more like career sabotage than an adventurous detour.

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    Another album from the Canadian musicians that does exactly what you'd expect.

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    There's plenty of payoff on this anticipated electronic record.

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    Musically and lyrically, this album is all about Allen sticking to her own unique path.

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    He may be having a career crisis, but this album is irresistible.

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    It took 16 years to get here -- and it was worth waiting for.

  • Arts & Entertainment

    It's a bit uneven, but there's plenty to dance to here.

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