Lior Suchard: Bending glass and guessing PIN numbers at the Palms

Lior Suchard can see your soul through a glass—while bending it.

He’s energetic, he’s friendly and he’s Israeli, but most of all, he’s telepathic. He knows the name of your first crush, he knows your PIN number and he knows the card you’re thinking of right now. (It’s the four of diamonds, right?) He’s Lior Suchard, and he’s the newest performer at the Palms Lounge.


Lior Suchard
Thu-Fri, 7 p.m., $19-$25
Palms Lounge, 942-7777

Every weekend, Suchard demonstrates his seemingly superhuman abilities using telephone books, $20 bills, video projections and electric prods. “These are not magic tricks;” Suchard says. “This is real.”

You’ll have to be the judge of that yourself. But no matter your conclusion, you’ll have a fun time adjudicating. Oh, and if you go to the show, heed this advice from Suchard: “Always think positive thoughts … you never know who can read them.”


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