Fake housewives: Q&A with ‘The Hotwives of Las Vegas’

The Hotwives of Las Vegas

Three questions with Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman, creators/co-stars of The Hotwives of Las Vegas:

What made Las Vegas the right setting for the second edition of your Real Housewives parody? We did the first season in Orlando, and we wanted to go bigger and badder. When you think of money and high highs and low lows, you think of Vegas. Vegas is a town you go to to make your dreams come true. A lot of what these kind of characters are trying to do is get famous and rich, and so Vegas seems like a great town to explore that.

How familiar were you with Vegas before writing this season? Well, we are in our 30s, so we’ve been to a few bachelorette parties at this point. Nine out of 10 of them have been in Vegas, so we’ve had some experience. We felt like we had drunkenly done the research in our 20s.

How much were you able to shoot in Vegas? We were there for three days. We shot on a Friday night on the Strip, with all of us in our ridiculous costumes and outfits. People were just coming up to us and talking to us and taking pictures of [co-star] Angela Kinsey without asking, in the middle of the scene. Random people are not shy in Vegas. Most of them are wasted.

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Episodes premiere Tuesdays starting August 18 on Hulu.


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