[Star Wars: Get Your Geek On]

Lesser-known lines from the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy that will make your life better

We’ve all said we’re Luke’s father, called our siblings scruffy nerf herders and pushed ourselves at work because Jedi must do or do not. Certain quotes have wrapped themselves around our lives like that gross tentacle in the Death Star’s garbage compactor. But what about the other hours of dialogue that didn’t end up on legions of T-shirts or inked to the inner thighs of super-fans? Even if you know these lines (and the exact scenes and timestamps), you might be surprised how useful they are for life on this planet.

    • “Every little kid wants to be a superhero, and my dream is to see superheroes that represent all.”

    • The people in charge are using their power for good.

    • “There’s a lot of things that you can draw from the experience of just those quiet nights alone with your kid.”

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