Motley Crue

August 1, Mandalay Bay Events Center

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil.
Photo: Ryan Olbrysh

From the moment they hit the stage at the nearly full Mandalay Bay Events Center with “Kickstart My Heart,” Mötley Crüe sounded tired and sluggish—thanks primarily to singer Vince Neil, whose voice has apparently now completely failed him. He sounded out of breath and off-key the entire night, singing something like every other word of the band’s biggest hits and frequently relying on the audience to fill in for him. When the singers from opening bands Buckcherry and Papa Roach came out to lend some help on new song “Saints of Los Angeles,” it seemed like it would have been a blessing for them to stay and carry out the rest of the show in Neil’s place.


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Motley Crue

Plus, given drummer Tommy Lee’s current status as a tabloid darling and reality-TV star, he couldn’t just stay behind his kit, and had to come out front for a painfully long segment in which he talked to the audience, showed an awful video skit and brought out the infamous “titty cam” to seek out women in the audience drunk and/or deluded enough to doff their shirts for the whole arena (and, uh, the entire Internet, as the show was streaming live) to see.

Aside from Neil, the other band members played well enough, and the Crüe trotted out all their hits. But even the impressive pyro and well-designed stage setup couldn’t make up for the terrible caterwauling and worn-out comedy shtick.

The bottom line: **


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