Taking Dawn

Time to Burn

Taking Dawn, Time to Burn

Finally, a local band carrying on the legacy of Slaughter: Taking Dawn’s debut album is an unabashed throwback to the bombastic days of hair metal, with loud, slick guitar riffs, chanted odes to rocking, and frontman Chris Babbitt’s righteous wail. This is the kind of band that titles a song “Fight ’em With Your Rock”; the kind of band that sings “I am not a man of superstition/But your body’s my religion” with a completely straight face; the kind of band that prints the time codes of every guitar solo in the liner notes.

The Details

Taking Dawn
Three stars
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Taking Dawn

You know from the first note whether you’re going to like this or not, and the band’s approach is admittedly limited (they pretty much bludgeon Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” to death). But every virtue of commercial ’80s hard rock is boiled down and delivered with a smile, and the exuberance is contagious.


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