Kid Meets Cougar man Brett Bolton’s new project gets ready to debut live

Kitze + The CPUs debuted September 19 at Bunkhouse with Big Data with Wizdumb, Moxcie and Magic Bronson.
Photo: Spencer Burton

That weird name: Bolton says he chose Kitze because it ties back to the “Kid” in Kid Meets Cougar, and the CPUs “to make it sound like a band, even though it’s just me and my computers.”

The music: Kitze’s first three songs—“Only Everything,” “Like New” and “Breakers,” streamable at Soundcloud—harken back to KMC’s fun-time electronic-pop, with what Bolton describes as a “little more mature, little more technical” update.

Tech talk: KMC’s trademark video screen won’t be in play, but Kitze is no all-acoustic affair. “This project is basically an excuse to catch up on all the new technology, to geek out and experiment with A/V,” says Bolton, who plans to employ projection-mapped visuals, light boxes, drum pads and a joystick, among other mad wizardry. “I’ll be doing as much as I can live, including singing, and there’s definitely a lot of programmed stuff, too.”

The show: Bolton took the Big Data booking as a kind of self-imposed deadline, to get Kitze going. He calls Friday night a “beta test. It’s definitely gonna be an experiment,” he says of his first-ever solo performance. “It’ll probably be super-scary, and then super-fun.”

Kitze + the CPUs opening for Big Data with Wizdumb, Moxcie and Magic Bronson. September 19, 9 p.m., $15-$20. Bunkhouse, 702-854-1414.

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