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Thinking about Penn Jillette’s hair, Escape the Fate and more!

Penn Jillette with his severed ponytail at the Rio Spa & Salon on Aug. 25, 2010.
Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna/

Hair apparent The most famous hair on the Strip? Sorry, Criss Angel. Penn Jillette’s ponytail is as iconic as, well, Teller. And it speaks to his character that he had that baby lopped off last week for charity. — Ken Miller, associate editor

Smells like teen Perry I can’t stop thinking about Katy Perry’s scented CD. How did they do that? Is that what Katy smells like? What would a Butthole Surfers album smell like? Just askin’. — Deanna Rilling, staff writer

Dead air Last week, KNPR served up silence one morning when the “uninterruptible power supply” was, er, interrupted. A half hour without public radio was the most convincing pledge campaign I’ve ever not heard. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

Traveling show Super Happy Funtime Burlesque raffled off pasties at Sunday’s Aruba gig. I won and received this advice: Double-sided carpet tape works best. Good to know. Now, all I need is courage ... — April Corbin, web content editor

Massacred Last Saturday at midnight, Vegas locals Escape the Fate debuted a new song via its MySpace page. With a twitchy, spazticated riff and paint-peeling screams, “Massacre” is ETF at its hardest. Oh, and Ronnie’s still not coming back. Get over it, haters. — Ryan Olbrysh, art director


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