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Thinking about overtipping, Bryce Harper and more


That’s service Ever been chased down by a waiter because you mistakenly overtipped? That’s what happened to us last weekend at the Tillerman. The honest soul was Christopher Wasik, and he’s my nominee for employee of the month. — John P. McDonnall, copy editor

Yield of dreams I was already rooting for Las Vegas’ Bryce Harper to have a long and fruitful pro career. Now that my fantasy baseball team has traded for him? I’m dreaming of Hank Aaron numbers—at catcher. — Spencer Patterson, managing editor

Spirit of ’11 Following the founding of the Tequila Party in Nevada, I’d like to suggest starting a Scotch Party—not just because of my Scottish heritage, but because I really like scotch. — Ken Miller, associate editor

No privacy Thank God I grew up with parents who didn’t have or understand GPS-enabled smart phones and key-tracking on their computer. Teens, you have my sympathy. — April Corbin, web content editor

Rock and a Hard place In the unlikely event a foreclosure notice filed against the Hard Rock Hotel this week is allowed to proceed, the property will go to auction February 7. I’ll start the bidding on Prince’s guitar. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

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Sarah Feldberg

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John P. McDonnall

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Ken Miller is Las Vegas Magazine's managing editor, having previously served as associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly, assistant features ...

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Spencer Patterson

Spencer Patterson is the Editor of Las Vegas Weekly, having previously served as Managing Editor, Arts & Entertainment Editor and ...

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