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Bug deal: Risks and safeguards against West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus-positive mosquitos have been found in eight local zip codes.

Last week the Southern Nevada Health District released detailed information regarding the presence of West Nile Virus-positive mosquitos in the area, including eight zip codes where the pests have been found. But the where isn’t as important as the what next, given the mobility of mosquitos and the possibility (however small) of being bitten and sickened, the symptoms ranging from flu-like to life-threatening. (Six residents have died from it since its first detection in Clark County; only two locals contracted it—and survived—last year.) As such, precautions are recommended for anyone in Clark County, and include eliminating or avoiding standing water, using DEET-infused insect repellant and wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants—yes, even in the beastly heat. On one hand, low contraction numbers hardly warrant hysteria, but Dr. Joseph Iser, chief health officer for SNHD, reminds us that there’s no telling how one will be affected before being bitten. So don’t wait to read the info and talk to your doc.

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