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Finally, the emojis we’ve been waiting for

The middle-finger, the cheese wedge, and yes, the taco. Lives. Complete.

It was controversial comedian Fat Jewish who raised the flag: “How do black people and tacos feel about the fact that they have no emoji representation, while TRAINS HAVE 12?” The social-media personality took to his channels in February, spotlighting a ridiculous inequity among the tiny Japanese pictograms that litter Internetland.

The emoji gods, apparently, took note. On April 8 they answered with emoji people of color, and just last week they delivered tacos—and then some. Apple’s iOS 9.1 update presents 184 new emojis, including the middle-finger, the cheese wedge and glorious friends-of-the-pizza food staples the burrito and the hot dog. For Trekkies, there’s the Vulcan salute, and for rockers there’s the sign of the horns.

Still, we wonder about the butterfly. The update brought a unicorn, a turkey, a scorpion and a dove carrying an olive branch, but no butterfly? We’ll see what the taco has to say about that.

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