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Making room for a new casino on Fremont means losing some divey gold

Mermaids will close by June 27 to make way for a new hotel-casino project.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Time to say goodbye to some Fremont Street Experience mainstays. The Stevens brothers are furthering their Downtown domination—the owners of the D, Golden Gate and Downtown Las Vegas Events Center have purchased the land adjacent to their recently acquired Las Vegas Club—and that means veteran FSE destinations La Bayou, Mermaids and Girls of Glitter Gulch will close by June 27 to make way for a new hotel-casino concept.

Oh, Mermaids, how will we miss you? Let us count the ways:

Deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos Some other Downtown destinations might fill this “foodie” void, but it just won’t feel the same ordering the gluttonous goodies at a joint that doesn’t reek of Mermaids’ signature perfume of grease and cigarettes.

Getting lei’d with Mardi Gras beads Those headdressed, Rio Rita-ripoff “showgirls” are so friendly! Let’s be honest, though, it’s even better when they aren’t. Who will we shoot side-eye at now … Hello Kitty?

Losing $20 playing penny slots to score a “free” drink Do you know anyone who has ever hit a jackpot there? We don’t.

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