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A local design firm crafts inviting Las Vegas marijuana dispensary Medizin

Going green: Medizin entices with its environs.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Sunlight pours in despite the privacy windows, and the furniture is straight out of a showroom at World Market Center. Playfulness is evoked by colors and boxes dotting the walls and white roof-frames above the consultation offices. Then there’s the Vegas iconography crawling up and across the ceiling: Sammy, Frank, Dean, a showgirl and a rogue Bill Clinton, not because he has anything to do with Vegas, but because he said he didn’t inhale.

The buds aren’t out yet—that happens during the April 1 grand opening—so Medizin isn’t easily identifiable as a marijuana dispensary. And it wasn’t supposed to be. “What we wanted was to create an experience,” says co-owner Bob Groesbeck, a former attorney and mayor of Henderson. “It’s important to us that there’s a wow factor.”

Located in the southwest just north of the Las Vegas Beltway and Decatur Boulevard, Medizin hardly hints at its enveloping, boutique chicness from its unassuming storefront—especially when you consider the austere, apothecary-ish and sometimes cluttered look of most dispensaries. There’s no central touchstone for your eye; the whole room entices, thanks to simple decorative elements scattered throughout and a clean, Apple Store-like design by Briana Tiberti and Travis Price of T Square Studio.

Medizin Medical Marijuana Dispensary

“You have a language you work with, and you use that language throughout the space,” Price says.

“When you walk in, you don’t say, ‘Oh, there’s that,’” Tiberti adds. “You say, ‘Ooh’—like it feels good. You don’t know why, but it feels good.”

And it feels like home. That was the intent when co-owner Larry Scheffler—also the proprietor of Las Vegas Color Graphics—infused T Square’s architectural wings and wall-hung product boxes with images from Sin City’s history. It connects Medizin to Las Vegas, which has historically turned formerly underground industries into economic drivers.

“We want our dispensary to reflect our past,” Groesbeck says. “We want to embrace Las Vegas and what it was, what is now and where it’ll be in 20 years.” Hopefully well before then, the law will permit us to see that tribute with our own eyes.

Medizin 4850 W. Sunset Road, 702-206-1313,

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