Across America, bud is blooming. Outdoor cannabis cultivators are preparing to harvest their crop this month, marking the end of an eight-to 10-month annual process. The seeds of many cannabis strains grown outdoors are ...

Could the croptober phenomenon come to Nevada?

October 3rd, 2019

Across America, bud is blooming. Outdoor cannabis cultivators are preparing to harvest their crop this month, marking the end of an eight-to 10-month annual process. The seeds of many cannabis strains grown outdoors are ...

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    The sale of one of Las Vegas’ largest marijuana dispensary and cultivation operations has been finalized. Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries announced this morning that ...

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    What are the time-tested stoner treats? Why do we get the munchies? And other cannabis-related questions.

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    Our 2019 Bud Bracket winner is Purple Punch from BaM.

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    Legal recreational marijuana sales in Nevada logged its first full calendar year in 2018, giving rise to more dispensaries ...

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    Looking for a healthier alternative to pain pills? Get approved for Nevada medical marijuana with an internet connection and a few minutes of your time.

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    Three Vegas chefs share their recipes—and their secrets.

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    MedMen opened its second Las Vegas marijuana dispensary October 6.

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    Cannabition, an “immersive, Instragrammable cannabis museum,” opens Downtown this July.

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    Illinois lawmakers are considering a proposal that would expand the use of medical marijuana to fight the state's ...

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    All edibles in Evergreen Organix undergo three state laboratory tests before they’re packaged and sold to dispensaries.

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    Friday’s 420 holiday brought out scores of marijuana shoppers to dispensaries. Some dispensaries reported lines of up to 50 customers waiting for ...

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    The 420 marijuana holiday today will feature more money spent at pot dispensaries and a higher number of the plant’s users missing work ...

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    Discounts, giveaways, concerts and more!

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    A downtown Las Vegas marijuana dispensary has entered into a six-figure deal to sponsor the Las Vegas Lights, and the fledgling soccer team’s owner says ...

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    Former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday he has had a change of heart on marijuana and will promote its nationwide legalization as a ...

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    A growing number of companies that service the wine industry are now pursuing opportunities in the cannabis sector, hoping to generate new revenue streams. For ...

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    The state collected $5.54 million in taxes in January from legal marijuana, continuing to outpace projections, according to the Nevada Department of Taxation. That’s near ...

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    At one show along the way, she cozied up to a fan in the audience and drank from his beer.

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    Appetizers are often the best way to experience a new restaurant, or revisit an old favorite. Here are a few of the apps that keep ...

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    Many of the best pizzerias in the Las Vegas Valley will be participating.

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    Tommi Stockham’s sport of choice was equestrianism. She loved riding her horse. But when she entered seventh grade, participation in a school sport was required. ...

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    The Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved a $4 million sale of the Huntridge Theater on Wednesday, jump-starting a months-long process that ...

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    The traditional agriculture industry depletes nutrients in the soil, often without replenishing. It also adds to carbon emissions in the atmosphere—9% of all greenhouse gases ...

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    If you’re a fan of the other Cirque shows on the Strip, “R.U.N” will be a fascinating watch on several different levels.

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    It’s a great example of the current Strip trend merging nightlife with theater. Guests are staying after the early show, lingering at the bars until ...

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    Founder Kathleen Langford says her original twofold goal—to meet fellow artists and to share art among like-minded professionals—has been realized.

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    Choosing the right place to deposit your money is an important step in developing financial health. “One of the building blocks of a solid foundation ...

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    Newcomers might consider starting during happy hour (5-7 p.m.), which offers $1 oysters, $5 classic margaritas and more.

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    TAO Group chef and partner Ralph Scamardella has added some new menu items, including lobster scampi pizza and a Kobe beef truffle slider trio.

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    "I still love you, in spite of your hostility," she told the crowd at one point."

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    Now guests can indulge in Twist’s Forbes Five Star Award-winning cuisine as well, the first time it has been available outside the restaurant.

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    Jeff Saling, co-founder and executive director of StartUpNV, said the goal of the inaugural Southern Nevada Angel Conference was to give Nevada’s startup community a ...

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    Though the constant coverage and the mammoth field of Democratic candidates may make the 2020 election seem like it’s around the corner, there is about ...

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    Las Vegas-based author and educator Joanne D. Gilbert tells Miriam Brysk’s story in her new book, geared toward young adult audiences but with a narrative ...

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    As she waited to be handed a UNLV degree in 2013, Mia Bell couldn't help thinking about her late mother. The accomplishment of becoming a ...

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    “It’s always been exciting for us to shine a light on Vegas and show there’s more than gambling and partying here.”

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    Department of Hospitality Management are putting their newly acquired skills to work for paying guests during lunch hour seatings on Tuesday through Thursday through November ...