Behind the “Behind the Scenes” story

Photo: Leila Navidi

If you picked up this week’s Las Vegas Weekly, you probably saw that I spent a night hanging out backstage at Absinthe.

Gotta say: I’m proud of the way the story turned out. No, I didn’t capture 100% of the stuff that went down that night, but I think I captured the feel. The mix of silliness and professionalism. (The Absinthe performers are far more serious about their various art forms than they let on.)

If you liked the story, credit goes to the producers of Absinthe, who gave me and Leila (the photographer who took the photo at the top of your screen, among others) backstage access. There was some talk of restrictions, but in the end, we had none. Which leads me to some advice I have for other show producers and promoters: If a journalist wants to write about you project, give him full access. If you start giving him restrictions, he’s going to get testy, and he might take that testiness out on you. But if you give him full access, he’ll respect your openness, and he’ll probably reward you with a great piece.


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