Drink it in

Drink up: 19 options (not including combos) at this am/pm fountain.
Photo: Rick Lax

It’s time for Cleverboy to head out to LA once again. Not this week, but sometime soon.

The main thing I remember from my last drive: LA gas stations are way more serious about drinking fountain selection than Vegas gas

stations. Check out this nineteen-option soda dispenser I found at a California am/pm. Too much good stuff indeed.*

Another great thing I found at a Cali rest stop/gas station: Sonic Boom energy drink. This company, Boston America Corp., has my number! Seriously, when I come across anything Street Fighter-related, that thing is getting bought.

Unless it’s a ticket to Street Fighter the movie. Even Cleverboy has some standards.

*”Too much good stuff” is am/pm’s slogan.


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