Enjoying California’s Hot Streak

There’s endless fun to be found with California’s crazy new Instant Win Lotto ticket.
Photo: Rick Lax

California has the most intense Instant Win Lotto tickets imaginable. Seriously, this “Hot Streak/6 Games To Play” ticket is the complex conjugate root theorem of gambling. Just look at it! And for only five bucks!

Needles to say, of the ticket’s six games, I won zero of them. But what a way to go.

When you sit down at a $25 blackjack table with $200 and you lose everything without winning a hand, you’re pissed. You fume—the whole night, and some of the next morning. But if you lose the $200 over the course of two hours, you don’t feel so bad. You might even say, “Well, at least I got my money’s worth.”

California’s now figured out how pack that “got my money’s worth” feeling into a single scratch-off ticket. But we here in Vegas shouldn’t worry too much about it. Well, not until they figure out how to infuse the tickets with the scent of Bellagio.


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