Cleverboy masters Tiny Wings, ‘Congratulations,’ says nobody

Proof that Tiny Wings can be conquered.

For years, my Facebook News Feed has been flooded by friends' digital game achievements.

I earned 10 Moo Points on CowTrucker!

I bedazzled 25 diamonds on Crazy Candy Mixup!

Earth-shattering news.

Also for the past few years, I've been quietly playing an iPhone game called Tiny Wings. I’m a bird and I’ve got to slide over as many hills as I can before the sun goes down. The game is so simple and monotonous, it makes Angry Birds look like Call of Duty: Black Ops II. But I can’t stop playing it.

The game starts easy ... until you get to the "Fly through the fourth island on fever mode" challenge. That one took me two years to complete. But I completed it, and beat the game.

I posted this much as a status on Facebook ... and I got one comment in response. And it wasn’t even a “Congratulations.” It was a “Love that game.”

So basically, if you’re reading this, I desperately need you to acknowledge my earth-shattering achievement. Please do so in the comment section below. Thank you in advance.


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